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Welcome to allesshipping

Alles Cargo Shipping GmbH . main field of work is logistics, transportation and transportation management, container management with focus on shipping and any kind of transportation of commercial cargo, by Air, Sea ,Land.
This company will be focusing on providing shipping forwarding and transportation brokerage services to shipping companies and traders internationally. In this regard, although company headquarters is located in Germany, services will be provided internationally and there is no restriction of the origin, destination or shipping company being located in Germany. The company will also be working on container management, including buying and selling second hand containers, leasing or renting containers.

List of forwarding

Allesshipping is the universal logistic transportation and shipping company with a dedicated professional team and state-of-the-art technology for facilitating and to optimize the supply chain for our customers’ shipments; in order to facilitate their trade and business.

List of transports

Looking for professional freight forwarding service? We provide it as below: